What does it mean?

In Thai, “dak” is the informal form of “eat” and “zen” (pronounced “sen”) means “noodle.” The word “dak” is used when you eat and really enjoying the food to the point where the word eat is not enough. To ensure that we keep the true definition of “Dak” where the atmosphere is just adapted to the city of somerville, but the taste is like you would eat from Bangkok. When you look at our food we want you to say I wanna “Dak” this


Ambition and Duty

At DakZen our ambition is to bring thai street food up towards global and stay to a true concept of modernized street food. Our duty is to inherit the authenticate taste which has been passed from generation to generations. 



Our carefully selected street noodles are made with my grandpa’s secret recipe which has been passed down for generations. Unlike other noodle shops, we offer four different types of broth: pork, beef, chicken and vegetable. To make our signature broths, we simmer vegetables or the animal bones of your choice on low heat with Asian herbs and other delicious ingredients for 4-5 hours. Cooking the broth low and slow results in fresh, delectable noodles that are sure to hit the spot.