In Thai, “dak” is the informal form of “eat” and “zen” (pronounced “sen”) means “noodle.” “Dak” is used when you enjoy a meal so much that the word “eat” is simply not enough. At DakZen, we pride ourselves on correctly interpreting the meaning of “dak” through our delicious noodles while also maintaining the atmosphere of the city of Somerville. 



In all my years of restaurant experience, I have met hundreds of creative, independent people with unique ideas of what food should be. At DakZen, we believe that there’s no wrong way to eat noodles. For that reason, DakZen offers customizable noodle soups that you can flavor to your liking because no one knows you better than you

#DakZen. Your bowl, your way.



Somerville is made up of a diverse group of people who deserve to dine on quality food. If you’re craving authentic, Bangkok-style street noodles, DakZen is the place for you. We pride ourselves on using only the best ingredients with no added MSG.


Our carefully selected street noodles are made with my grandpa’s secret recipe which has been passed down for generations. Unlike other noodle shops, we offer four different types of broth: pork, beef, chicken and vegetable. To make our signature broths, we simmer vegetables or the animal bones of your choice on low heat with Asian herbs and other delicious ingredients for 4-5 hours. Cooking the broth low and slow results in fresh, delectable noodles that are sure to hit the spot.