“Dak” means eat and Zen(sen) means noodle, however the word “Dak” is not formal and you should not use for someone you are not close with or someone who is older than you. Then why do we use “Dak”, Our concepts start where every tuesday night my friends will gather at our house where we have to cook for them. In Thailand, “Dak” is not formal, you should not use with your boss, however it is commonly use among with friends who you are close with.  Dakzen is not only a place where you can get food, but we are welcome for you to hangout or if you need help with anything you can post it on our community board where our friends will try to help you out.



We have carefully selected the best street noodles with amazing badass grandpa’s secret recipe that has been passed among generations to generations. Unlike other noodle soup shop, we have three different based broth, Pork, Beef,Chicken And Vegetable. To make our signature broth, we simmer pork bones/beef bones/chicken bones/vegetable for about 4-5 hours with low-temperature cook, we added asian herbs and other savory ingredients. The taste is exceptional, in part because it is never boiled. Touched rich seasoning, we pride ourselves in a bowl that after finished eating, you will still feel fresh and your stomach won’t get to heavy.